Wednesday, January 29, 2014

JANUARY 12, 2014 ~ Events in the Desert!

After seeing so many bands of beautiful wild horses the day before, I kept my expectations low; I was so grateful for the events of Saturday, that Sassy and I were planning on doing more riding for a change (instead of photographing.)   :)

That being said, you can imagine my surprise when we had to wait about 15 minutes before being able to drive into the parking lot and park the trailer!!  Why??  Well, there were two different bands of horses wandering around in the parking lot.  I jumped out of the truck and started clicking away while David waited to be able to park.

The first lovelies I noticed were from LITTLE BOB's band!!

The first magnificent horse is, of course, LITTLE BOB himself.  Next, we have SCARLET (the youngest filly) with her friend, SHELBY.  Following is SCARLETT with her mama, LULU, and last but certainly not least, is FAWN.  SHELBY and FAWN are the newest members of this band, both are mares, and both are gorgeous, just as LULU and SCARLET are.

As this band moseyed out of the parking lot, we saw these guys (who were in a different area, but still in the parking lot) move over to where LITTLE BOB and his family had been exploring. 

These magnificent stallions are VIRGIL and MORGAN, 2 of the Earp Brothers.  This was the first day I noticed that WYATT was no longer running with his home boys!  I wasn't sure where he was, or if it was temporary or permanent yet; I just knew he was nowhere in the vicinity.  As they meandered out of the parking lot, David pulled in the trailer and parked it.

We brought Sassy that day, of course, and Maverick since Chase enjoyed the desert the day before.  I started out riding Sassy, and it didn't take very long at all before she found a band of wild horses.  She seems to think it is her "job" to locate them for me; she knows the drill all too well!  I'm so glad I learned about ground tying; when I'm out riding alone, I can ground tie her and feel pretty confident that she'll stay right there while I'm taking pictures.

Good thing she's so patient also!  This band she located I'd not seen before; let me rephrase that.  I'd seen a couple of the horses, but this was the first time seeing these particular beauties all together in a specific band.  Sassy patiently waited as it took me a good hour to watch and photograph and video these creatures!!!!

I was enjoying watching the dynamics of this band, which is partly why I took so long photographing them.  The stallion shown first in the above collage is, MIDNIGHT, and he is the lead stallion.  There is one other stallion, and also a colt; the rest are mares.  None of them seemed skittish or spooky; they were all very curious, however.

I loved watching them graze, as they chose to do so on the side of a little hill, quite different from the other horses I've watched out in the desert.

Now, you'll notice some interesting behavior in this last collage (just above this paragraph).  I learned from watching that the lead mare is the rotund gal seen in the left side of each photo.  I use the term rotund affectionately, as she is due to have a foal very soon!  The colt you see starting to walk in front of her was seeming to be testing the boundaries.  The pregnant mare is the Matriarch, meaning she is THE lead mare, and is definitely the mare the others do not want to get on the bad side of!

Apparently the colt hadn't learned that yet!  LOL  Even though the Matriarch has her ears pinned to her head, he continued to walk where he thought he wanted to go.  Take a look at the second photo; she is now looking at him in addition to still having her ears pinned back.  The expression on her beautiful face made me smile; she's looking at him as if to ask, 'are you kidding?  You're ignoring what I'm telling you???'  He doesn't even notice!!!  Typical male.    ;)

Ouch!  Are you looking at the third photo yet?  Poor colt!  He (hopefully) just learned a lesson; the Matriarch will not be ignored and/or disobeyed!  When she tells you to stay put, well, I guess she means it.  He received a nasty nip on the side of his little neck.  Oh well, it's for his own good; she is watching out for his welfare after all!  Kids ~ human or animal ~ they're still just kids!    :)

The desert seemed very quiet that morning, moreso than usual, despite the fact it was early morning.

After I finished taking pictures and videos of MIDNIGHT's band, Sassy and I started riding over toward Foxtail.  We crossed the river there and explored some areas we hadn't ridden in yet!

Here are some photos of the interesting terrain, views, and structures we came upon!

As Sassy and I were exploring, I happened to look down and saw something very curious.  I saw the skeletal remains of what looked like a coyote's head/mouth with the teeth intact!  I jumped off Sassy, and started taking some pictures; I just found it interesting because there was still some hair on the remains.  All of a sudden I noticed a couple other items; I found dog license tags, and a clip that looked like it belonged on the edge of a harness or leash.  That's when it hit me that these remains were not from a wild coyote; they had to be from someone's dog!!  I still did take photos, and I'll upload them here (they are not gross or distasteful.....), but I made sure to leave everything where Sassy and I found it all.  If that was someone's pet's final resting place, I wanted to leave it as undisturbed as I possibly could.  Here's what we found:

Now, this is obviously a mystery that won't ever be solved, but I sure would love to know how, who, when, why, where, etc. etc. etc.


Sam said...

Were you able to get the name and number off the tags? The folks might like to know what happened to their pet... How sad.

What is that little building? I've never seen it before?

Monty and Harlow

Carol Chase said...

No, I tried, but all I could read (barely) was 1981!!! The tags were actually "smoothly" scratched to the point of being pretty unreadable. That was the first thought going through my head ~ the poor owner who lost their dog.

As for that building, isn't it interesting? I wish I knew what it is, or what it was for, or who "built" it ~ I'd be curious to know anything about it! I have more pics I took of it that I'm going to upload. It's almost like a huge, huge barbecue pit; I'm sure that's not what it is, of course, but sure is interesting! I was hoping by posting pics of it here, maybe someone knows something about it! :)