Welcome to this section of my blog!  You will find here the "tale" of Sassy and me, how we "met," and our journey since we brought her home.

These first pictures we took a day after she came to live at the ranch.  As you can see, she was in pretty rough shape.

We drove to Tucson February 18, 2011 to meet Sassy and talk about possibly adopting her.  We knew very little about her, but the rescue ranch had uploaded a video of her being ridden and she looked very gentle.

Deena, David and myself all pretty much thought the same things when we first saw this horse, and those thoughts were not very positive.  I know that's sad, but it's the truth.  She looked old, she looked tired, she looked sad; she was not in good shape at all.  Her hair was falling out, she had four bruised hooves, never had been vaccinated!  Her mane had been roached because there were so many burrs in it, no one could get them and the tangles out!  The same thing happened to her tail; it had been cut so, so short!

Still, there was something about the look in her eyes that went all the way through my soul.  There was sadness in those big, beautiful, brown eyes, but I saw life and love and also determination behind the sadness!  Not one of us rode her!  We did watch the ranch owner ride her for about 5 minutes, but the wind and rain were starting to rage, plus it was getting dark.  We loaded her in the trailer and made for the ranch.  By the time we got back to Tempe, it was pouring rain, and it was cold!  All we could do was unload Sassy into the pasture and wait til the next morning to be able to go over and spend time getting to know her!

These videos are from that next morning; you'll notice I'm sure what a mess she was!!!  You'll notice that originally we were going to call her Laycee.  After we got to know her for a few days, however, we knew that Sassy definitely needed to be her name.    :)

Later that same day, we moved Sassy over to the large pasture near the barn.  We still hadn't been able to brush her or do much with her; we were trying to give her time to get a little comfortable with her new surroundings.  It took forever almost to even get close enough to her to get a halter and lead rope on her!! 
Here's what she did when put in the larger pasture:
 Looking back on these videos now, I feel sad; I can only imagine how confused, lonely and lost she must have felt!!


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