Monday, January 27, 2014

Continuation from JANUARY 11, 2014

Certainly, after seeing CHAMP's band over at Blue Point, we felt our day was complete!  We were already floating on our horses (as well as on Cloud 9!), so gliding back toward the trailer seemed appropriate.  LOL  Not to mention it was now approaching late afternoon, and it does take a fair amount of time to ride from BP to CB, where the trailer was parked.

Enjoying the ride, the scenery, the weather and conversation, however, was completely interrupted when we looked over at the river and saw a band of wild horses I'd been searching for since October, 2013!!!!!!!  We couldn't believe our eyes!!!  Mary patiently stayed with the horses, while I (and my camera...) made our way down to the sandy/rocky area to try and get the best photos and videos I possibly could!

The amazing band of horses is taken care of by lead stallion, E.T.; second in command is ROBIN.  The mares are CHOLLA and BELLA; the beautiful, sweet foal/filly is CHOLLA's daughter, and her name is FREEDOM. Here are a few photos:

I was so excited at having the opportunity to see this band!  I'd only caught glimpses of them since FREEDOM was born; being able to spend some time with them and get some close-up shots and videos was the frosting on the proverbial cake.

Here are some links to videos from that day:

After taking pictures and videos of this great band with the foal I had wanted to see so badly, we "floated" all the way back to the trailer.  We'd had such a wonderful day, I think Mary and I both were in shock.  LOL

When we arrived at the trailer, however, my hubby (who had been patiently waiting for us to return) pointed out a flat tire on Mary's car!!  He changed the tire for her while I unsaddled the horses, etc.  I can assure you that not even that flat tire put a damper on the sensational day we spent with the wild mustangs!    :)


Sam said...

Oh how exciting! How much land do they really roam on?

Carol Chase said...

Good question!! We've seen them pretty much all over the Tonto National Forest, and also near Beeline Highway. They definitely move around. :)