Saturday, July 18, 2015


I'm probably doing this backwards, but, it is what it is, as the saying goes.   :)

Sassy and I have been doing Endurance Rides now since January, 2015.  I will backdate and post about her rides from January on, but right now I'm posting about our recent completion, which was this past Tuesday, July 14.

Sassy and I COMPLETED our FIRST SOLO 50-mile ride today!  She's a DREAM come true!

That's her THIRD 50-mile completion in 2015!  Not too shabby considering our first-ever  endurance ride was January, 2015!

Our first loop we make great time!  As we went back out after Vet Check, though, the sky started to darken, and the temperature dropped as the rain clouds rolled in.  I had a feeling we were probably going to be caught in rain, but I had no idea just how MUCH!

We were caught in thunder/lightning and got drenched with rain AND hail, while traveling  through mud that covered her hooves.  Sassy and I had to stand still for just over 20 minutes with our backs to the hurling hail!  We had gone forward a little, but when I saw Sassy's head drop, I knew she'd gotten hit with hail, and I moved her off the trail.

As soon as the hail turned to rain, we proceeded on.  Sassy made good time when she could, being careful enough that we didn't fall!

We did, however, slip down an embankment where the trail was flooded out.  She kept her head about her, though, and went "with" the slide keeping us both upright and intact!

Next we traveled IN 2 washes that are normally dry, but after the onslaught of rain, were flooded with fast-running water!

I knew we lost quite a bit of time on that second loop, but I didn't give up hope of completion, and NEITHER did Sassinator!  :)

We completed our 2nd vet check and went back out.  Thankfully that last loop was not as affected as the previous one, and we were able to make up some serious time!  The last loop included a technical section as well as some climbing and descending (normally no big deal), but we had to take it slower with the slickness of the trail.

As we made our way to the last Radio Check guy, however, we were able to increase our speed; he called out to us as we flew past him that we had 15 minutes to make it into base camp ~~ that was all the Sassinator needed to hear!  OMG, she hauled ass, and yes, we galloped in a couple areas we probably should not have, but that mare was on a mission!  We completed our last 13.8 miles in 2 hours and 14 minutes!  SO proud of my girl!!!!!!!

I will upload videos when I get home.

To me, Sassy is amazing!   Two of the trail radio check guys said they saw us FLYING on the way to our 2nd vet check; they laughed and said they could not believe how fast she can gallop!  And no, I do not allow her to do too much of that.  ;)

That's my SASSINATOR, as appropriately nicknamed by her Auntie Kathryn​!!   ;)

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