Monday, June 15, 2015


These next postings won't necessarily be in exact order in terms of date, but they'll be close.

2014 was THE most stressful year I have ever lived through!  I lost several people who were extremely close and important to me, and each of them went to Heaven on short notice.  That's always quite shocking to one's emotional state of mind.

Additionally, my husband and I lost our 3 silky terriers; Mattie, Chloe and Comrade.  They were siblings, and in all honesty, they were (are) our "children."  We knew they were definitely slowing down, and the last 6 to 8 months of their lives, we held our breath knowing our time with them was quickly drawing to a close.

Each had their own health difficulties, and we perceived that they were each "hanging on" for their siblings.  Chloe had Congestive Heart Failure, and then suddenly she had trachael collapse resulting in a terrible, hacking cough that tired her out so much, she'd just lie down to recover her breathing after each cough attack.  We knew the time had come.

May 15, 2014, our sweethearts crossed Rainbow Bridge with the help of our wonderful vet, who had taken care of them since 1999!  We held each baby whispering to them how much we love them; we managed to hold back our tears so that each one could "let go" without any further stress.  Afterwards, however, the tears flowed, and quite honestly, still haven't stopped.  I went into a depression that many times felt paralyzing.  I know with 100% certainty that it was Sassy who helped me function.  She made me realize that she, along with our other horses and our cats, still needed love and affection and attention; she also made sure I knew how much our other animals love us.  She refused, in fact, to let me stay in the darkness of depression!

She knows I do still cry about once a day, but that's much better than all day!  The one-year anniversary of the loss of our sweet silkies was a very difficult day, and I suspect it will always be that way.

Happier times to be 2008, they were still strong and healthy and active.  We didn't notice that even then they were starting to show their age.  The photo below was taken in September, 2013.  It was the last photo where all 3 still looked reasonably healthy and happy.  At that time we did notice how each had slowed down considerably, and we kept telling ourselves we needed to watch them carefully so that they didn't suffer.

Sassy makes sure that I know our babies will be waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge when the time comes for us to be reunited.

Sassy also keeps reminding me that I have her story to tell, and so, without any further adieu, I'm moving forward to do just that!

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