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January 24 and 25, 2014

I'm combining two of our last three rides of January into one post in an effort to get caught up!  I've been dealing with our sick dogs, starting a new part time job, and finally recovered from the flu ~ all of which put me way behind.  Thus the expression, 'that's life!'  ;)

JANUARY 24, 2014
It's usually a good indication of how the day is going to go when we drive out to the desert and see horses from the truck.  That was how this day started.  David stopped the truck, and I jumped out, camera in hand, and started clicking away!  TEX and his beautiful band were the first horses to greet us that day.
Shortly after we left TEX, we practically ran into CISCO with his band!  Not sure who was more surprised ~ them or us.  LOL
The little guy in the picture right above, is just adorable.  His name is JAX, and for some reason, he seems to always be tired!  More times than not, when we come upon this band, JAX is lying down.  And, when he's not lying down, he's tormenting EDISON, his sister!!   LOL
MOON wasn't too far away from where we ran into CISCO!
As we were on our way back to the trailer, Sassy did a little "side step" to the right and kept on going.  I wasn't expecting her to do that, and I looked down immediately.  Given this was January, I certainly wasn't "looking out" for rattlers, and it was apparent this one wasn't "looking out" for us either!  He was slithering across the terrain heading for a bush; when I looked closer, I realized where he was going.  Of course, I turned Sassy around and pulled out my camera as quickly as I could.  She stood there patiently (I think she's so used to this "stuff" with the camera now!) while I snapped away.  There was a hole in the ground under the bush, and the snake was sliding himself down into it!
Go ahead, say it!!   Eeewwwwwwwww!  He was moving slowly, so I guess he somehow knew he was somewhere he wasn't really supposed to be yet......Sassy and I stood there watching him "go home." YUK!  I am so, so grateful that SHE saw that rattler because I sure didn't!  It would have been so easy for her to step on him, as he was crossing directly in front of us!  It was her side-stepping to the right that enabled us to bypass him.

This wasn't the first time we've encountered a rattlesnake; in fact, it was the 5th time!  Still, all the way back to the trailer, I kept thinking the same thing to myself as I did the previous 4 times.  "Aren't horses supposed to be afraid of snakes?  I thought snakes cause horses to rear and spook and take off?"  Maybe that's just in the movies???!!!!!   ;)

January 25, 2014

This was a relatively quiet day on the trails.  I only had time that day to ride until about noon, so I was glad Sassy and I came upon CHAMP and his band!  Thus far, our record still stands; each time we've gone to the desert since our first adventure on November 4, 2012, we've seen wild horses!  Sometimes it may have only been 2, but we've always managed to find wild horses.  I give Sassy the credit since she's the one who alerts me with the twitching of her ears.  :)

CHAMP, TRON, MISSY and CHARGER were amazingly curious about us; well I think they were curious about the camera actually.  LOL   Especially CHARGER!

From top to bottom are:  TRON, MISSY, CHARGER and CHAMP. 

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Sam said...

Wow - those are some real pretty facial markings on the first band.

Monty and Harlow