Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Today was a great day!  Sassy and I managed to blaze another new trail; we went across  the river near Coon Bluff and rode a trail that had already been established.  After getting to the top of a very challenging climb, we had two choices:  go back the way we got there, or find a new way down.  Since Sassy and I are very much alike when it comes to challenges and avoiding "boredom," we agreed to find a new way down.

As we were making our way to the bottom and toward the river, we heard voices behind us.  It was another group of riders who rode the established trail up, and usually take that same trail back down.  They asked if we minded them following; of course, we said no problem!  LOL  A couple times two of the riders' horses wanted to take the lead, but Sassy would have NONE of that!  She's a lead mare and was certainly not about to give that up to other horses, especially horses she didn't know.  I love her self-confidence!

Before we parted ways, one of the women told me they've ridden several of the trails Sassy and I have blazed!  I asked how she knew we'd done that, and she told me that "some riders" have mentioned how Sassy and I have no fear riding without someone with us.  They told me I am brave for riding alone (I don't always have someone to ride with, so I'll ride Sassy and then ride whichever other horse we trailer out that day while David un-tacks Sassy, etc.)  She also said Sassy has a very smooth gait, and people notice that.  I smiled from ear to ear when she told me they see very few black horses and Sassy stands out.  The riders thanked us for blazing another trail and they enjoyed the new route down the mountain.  How nice was that?    :)

Just as we were arriving back at Coon Bluff, we ran into a band of horses ~ finally!!!  It was a band of 3 sorrel stallions; I call these guys WYATT, VIRGIL and MORGAN ~ after the infamous Earp brothers!  I was so glad to see them for many reasons, the main one being they enabled our record to stand.  The record I'm referring to is the one of seeing wild horses each and every time we've ridden there since November 4, 2012!!  My birthday present that day was riding in the desert for the first time!  For the first time without being in a group that is.  Each and every time we've gone out there, we've (thankfully!) seen wild horses.

Here are a few pics of the guys we saw today:

I still have lots to catch up sharing, and I hope to get that done this week.  Sassy and I are riding the desert again tomorrow; wish us luck!!  We'll be sure to tell of anything exciting and/or unusual that may happen.  Until tomorrow.......happy trails!


Sam said...

Maybe we can ride together one time. Your Sassy reminds me of my first horse, a mare names Sissy! LOL!

Carol said...

That would be excellent, Christine! I'd love to ride with you! Let's plan on it. :)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Hi, Carol. Christine sent me your way. My photography mentor has been telling me about the wild horses along the Bush Highway. I haven't been out there yet, but hope to go on a photography expedition in search of them some day. It sounds like you are a magnet for the wild horses.

Carol Chase said...

Hi, and thank you so much for your comment! :) First of all, I absolutely love your blog!! I'm still desperately trying to figure out the layout and the technical aspects, placement, etc. It seems I cannot learn it fast enough. LOL

I love, love, love riding in the desert!! Photography has always been a huge interest of mine, but til now haven't had the opportunity to learn much about it. And, believe me, I am SO in the learning stages. :) It's very confusing, but I love it just the same. :)

Casey Willis said...

Carol, the blog looks great! You've gotta show me this "new" trail :) Big Cherokee needs some more trail smarts.

Casey Willis said...

Oh, and that sorrel with the wide blaze is to die for! Which of the 3 Earps is he?

Carol Chase said...

Thanks, Casey!!! Now if I can get people to subscribe and have some followers, it may be successful! (I hope!!!) Several people have been suggesting I do this to keep track of our adventures, but now that I've done it, I'm nervous people may not subscribe. LOL

And I'll ride with ya ANY TIME, girlfriend!!! :)

Carol Chase said...

That horse is my hubby's favorite, too! I call that guy VIRGIL. :) WYATT is the dark sorrel with the white diamond on his forehead, and the other sorrel with the offwhite dot on his forehead I call MORGAN. LOL

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a "cowgirl" SO BADLY! The only thing I watched was western movies, and my favorite were the movies about Tombstone and Wyatt Earp! When we'd ride our stick horses (LOL), I always pretended I was riding in the desert and "steering" around the cactus. ???? I had no idea that I'd grow up and actually DO THAT! :)